Your website and online presence need to be an all-rounder for solutions in order to meet your business’ end to end requirements.

How do you make sure that this achieved? Oorjit can help you by giving your business, complete control to manage your website content and link structuring. With Oorjit CMS, you will be able to engage better with your targeted users, do online promotions, manage leads and analyze your results.

Our Innovative Features

Powerful Rich Text Editor

Oorjit CMS system uses a powerful and flexible CKeditor. This enables formatting of your pages and helps in easier management of content.

Template Based Design

Oorjit supports template based design. This provides designers the facility to choose and integrate different kinds of design templates to the platform.

Menu Management

With a dynamic menu management facility, you can easily and effectively create and manage a menu structure. Link a single menu item to one or more menus or place a menu under another menu.

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