A cloud based last mile sales platform from ISPG Technologies.

ElephantDoc enables different teams in an organization to actively & effectively collaborate on sales documents. It enables top of the mind recall of your products to a prospect with remarketing capabilities. With an MS Word Plug-in installed, users can work, collaborate & gather insights from their preferred work environment. The platform also helps to track client activities in real time & gauge client interest in proposals, sales pitch etc.

Innovative Features

Client Analytics, Performance Reports, Remarketing & Much more

Web tracking & Remarketing

Keep track of client activity & provide insightful analytics on client interest for the proposal to enable sales teams make better & informed sales decisions.

MS Word

With this feature, organizations can collaborate with internal team members & tailor make sales documents /proposals addressing specific needs of clients from a work environment that they prefer.

Role Based Privileges

Elephant Doc supports organizational hierarchy management and allows managers or higher management to assign roles and privileges for individual users and create teams managed by them

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Why ElephantDoc?

Elephant Doc is a last mile CRM that is perfectly crafted to suit the needs of sales teams of varying scale and scope.

Link Analytics to Sales Documents

You will have acess to analytics regarding client activity on a proposal, such as proposal views, downloads & messages.

Get Started Immediately

No need to install bulky softwares, manage everything from M.S word.. Zero costs and time involved in training sales staff.

Colloborate Effectively

Whether your team sits in the opposite part of the globe or in the same office doesn’t make a difference anymore.

Work Anytime. Anywhere.

Nibaal is 100 % cloud and 100% secure. Download, collaborate, communicate & edit proposal anytime & anywhere.

Manage Negotiations Better

Customer is King and hence analysing their interest on your proposals will help you convince them & close a much better deal.

M.S Word Advantage

No bulky installations, no third party softwares & no online tools required. Install plugin for M.S word, Launch Word, download proposals, edit and colloborate; it’s really that simple.

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